I just walked passed The Hotel Formerly Known As Jackson and couldn’t believe how nice the inside looked!

I walked passed the Long Beach Hotel this morning and was greeted by music blasting out of their new open bar area. LIFE! There was actually SOME LIFE coming out of this place!!! My photos below don’t do it any justice, but it actually looked really nice. Seriously! Pass by and look for yourself before you judge.

I have no idea when it will officially open, and I’m sure there will be complaints about parking along with a few “lipstick on pig” jokes, but I have to say, I am impressed. It’s a far cry from my photo journey back in August 2011 (see-Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey).

Of course, there are always questions:

  1. Will that yellow corner ‘Jackson’ sign (photo below) come down and/or be replaced with a new Long Beach Motel sign?
  2. Can this hotel be a viable alternative to the Allegra?
  3. Is there enough demand for two hotels in Long Beach in this day in age?

Improvements: Yeah, the outside still could use a makeover. A few flowery shrubs and nice landscaping will help. I know windows are so expensive, but I bet white frames would make this building look so much better; it’s just seems so dark. Those are just my opinions, but I do wish this place lots of luck. I am glad seeing another building that was vacant for so long, actually come back to life.

Visit: longbeachhotelny.com

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Long Beach Hotel [Jackson Updates]


longbeachhotelI received a few emails this past week concerning the Jackson By The Beach..uhh excuse me… I mean Long Beach Hotel over at 405 E. Broadway. One resident tells me how he went to the building department and learned that the building has been grandfathered in as a hotel since 1927 and is not required to have a parking lot/plan. Apparently the building department doesn’t know how the new hotel will deal with the inevitable parking problem. Also, apparently the Long Beach Hotel has all the permits to finish everything they want to do.

Another resident rells me this:

“There has been a lot of activity lately. New garage-type roll up doors were put in in front of what looks like their new bar area.  Fancy booths look like they are peeking out of the windows.  A new blue awning was also installed today.  And, lastly, somebody they know interviewed for a bartending job.

So this place is actually moving forward. If anybody has any additional info, let us know!

New ‘Jackson’ Hotel Convention Rumor Confirmed?

A few weeks back I posted a rumor about the new ‘Jackson’ Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) providing space for convention use [see –New Jackson Hotel Rumor (…..a Convention Center? WHAAAT?)].

By conventions, I wasn’t talking about ComicCon. There are smaller events which facilitate smaller space. Think of the Flintstones when Fred and Barney had out-of-town Water Buffalo meetings, or in the Honeymooners when Ralph and Norton went out of state for a Raccoons meeting. How about Happy Days when Mr. Cunningham went to a Leopard Lodge seminar away from Milwaukee. Yeah, that sort of thing.

In today’s AOL-Owned LB Patch, a little bit of new info was revealed, which points to this convention rumor:

[quote]Kadosh [one of the owners] said the project should be completed within the next couple of months. He noted that the hotel will hold seminars, which “will bring good crowds to the city such as doctors and educators. This will also bring jobs to the people in Long Beach. “This will be a positive thing for people who use the hotel,” he added.

[Read – Hotel Slapped with Stop-Work Order]


Seminars, conventions… same thing. I took some photos of the inside of the former Jackson Hotel last summer [see –Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey]. The photos below show the possible space which could be used for such events.

New Jackson Hotel Rumor (…..a Convention Center? WHAAAT?)

A few days ago I wrote about the Jackson (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) being renovated into another hotel:

See the article @ Sea by The City – July 16th: The Jackson To Remain a Hotel?

Yesterday, the AOL-Owned LB Patch got into the act with similar, plus additional info: It will be called The Long Beach Hotel with “122 rooms with nightly rates between $169 to $189.”

See the article @AOL-Owned LB Patch – July 17th: New Hotel to Replace The Jackson

Today (July 18th) I have a new “rumor” that is waaay out there, but I’m gonna post it anyway. This rumor comes from the same person who first emailed me about the Jackson all the way back in June:

See the article @ Sea By The City – June 7th: Jackson Hotel Sold? Being Renovated? [RUMOR ALERT!])

The new rumor is the following:

..A dentist is turning it into a convention center of some kind with a hotel so people attending conventions can stay over.  Who knows how true this is but we’ll see. 

So a convention center, eh?  This new Long Beach Hotel obviously wouldn’t be the next Jacob Javits Center, but smaller convention rooms have many uses; including trade shows, toys and comics conventions, etc. Surf wear expo anyone? So take this one with a grain of salt.. it’s still a rumor.

What about parking? The Jackson currently has none with no room to spare. Things in the East End off of Lincoln Blvd are about to get interesting…..

Here are some renovation photos. Mattress anyone?

The Jackson To Remain a Hotel?

A few weeks back I was told that the Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NYwas sold for 10 million. Last week I had that info confirmed by a higher authority, adding the possibility that it will most likely remain a hotel. Now, the most recent info comes from a Concerned local resident, who lives in its vicinity:

This weekend workers have been stripping out all the TVs and a variety of other stuff (sheet rock, cabinets, broken glass, garbage, etc) and tossing it into the alley behind the building. Early this AM a couple guys in a van came by and removed a couple loads of stuff (mostly the antique TVs). The workers are telling folks that the new owner is going to renovate and that it will be a sort of hotel. Rumors are rampant in the neighborhood as to the sort of hotel and the owner; oddly there are no dumpsters and no work permits posted in any of the windows. Interesting times…

They later added:

[we were] able to briefly speak to a well-dressed couple who arrived at the building yesterday about 5pm and identified themselves as in-laws of the new owner; a gentleman we had observed arrive earlier in very casual attire, but were not able to engage. They indicated that the building is going to become a “classy” hotel with a restaurant and bar. Sometime yesterday evening the van returned and cleaned out the rest of the TVs from the alley.

I passed the Jackson and noticed myself that things appeared to be different: The place looks empty –  no dusty books in the windows, drapes are gone, etc. So what do you think? Can Long Beach use another “classy” hotel? Can the Jackson be resurrected into something wonderful? This place needs to be completely gutted, or it’s not going to work.


REPORT: Hoffmann Manor Sold for $20 Million? [Rumor]

Will the Hoffmann Manor be going down the same route as Kind David Manor?

A very reliable source is telling me that the Hoffman Manor (274 West Broadway  Long Beach, NY 11561) was just sold for $20 million. The new owners (whoever they may be) plan on change, but it’s unclear whether or not that means an updated senior housing facility, condos or competition for the Allegria in the form of a hotel.

The Allegria Hotel was once King David Manor, also a senior housing facility. Developers have figured out that waterfront property is pretty rare in this neck of the woods ocean, so redevelopment of that orange and yellow building was a no-brainer. Common sense tells me that condos and hotels are worth far more than senior housing. It’s just a matter of time before the Hoffmann goes down the same path.

FYI: My source is not the same person who recently tipped me off on the alleged Jackson Hotel being sold for $10 million. Pretty interesting nonetheless, as the Long Beach skyline keeps evolving. More and more people are learning about our little city by the sea oasis, so demand for updated housing and hotel space will be needed. You can tell just by looking at the amount of surfers there are in the water this year. Has that number tripled since last summer or what? How many of these new visitors are starting to consider Long Beach their next possible home?

Jackson Hotel Sold? Being Renovated? [RUMOR ALERT!]

The Jackson By The Beach. Ahh… that abandoned hotel which was recently on the market for $10 million. Well, I am hearing a new rumor that it has indeed been sold and will be soon be renovated. Into what? I have no idea, but a reliable tipster told me the following:

“I noticed a few workers outside the hotel about a month ago doing some surveying. They said someone bought the hotel and were going to renovate but I’ve seen very little activity since then.”

So what do you folks think? A new hotel? Condos by the sea? Apartments? A Peter Luger Steakhouse theme park? $10 million seems like a bargain for a giant building only a few blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean. The economy sucks, but if true, somebody with deep pockets just got themselves a heck of an investment.

For those who want a little peak at the inside lobby of Jackson, check out this post I did last summer: Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey  All Jackson Hotel seabythecity stories ARE HERE.

$9,990,000 for the Jackson Hotel (Do you want cash or check?)

It looks like our favorite mystery building is up for sale. Loopnet.com shows the Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) listed for 9.9 Million bucks. (Source –120 Room Hotel 6 Miles from JFK). The owner will consider a sale, joint venture or a long term lease. I’m thinking Seabythecity.com headquarters, but I’m going to need a few more investors….

Some facts about the Jackson: 120 rooms, 20,000 SF lot and it needs renovation & decoration. For those who are interested and would like an inside tour, check out our photos: (see – Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey).

Thanks Susan for sending this in!


East End Updates: Attack of the Condos, Jackson Hotel Squatters, New Parking Malls & Saying Goodbye to Beth Sholom.

Just an update of what we posted a month ago. We now have a clearer idea of what this new condo on East Broadway will look like. Styrofoam = fucco. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want to live in a place made out of styrofoam… yeah, but I guess I’m alone on this since everybody seems to be using it these days! Listen, fine you want to make a building with styofoam. Just PLEASE don’t use that same beige color that is WAY over used. Have fun with it. We are a beach community and the color spectrum is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

While in the area, the superintendent of a nearby building came by for a chat. He was telling about this new condo: how looters were stealing wires and the other night he had to scare away a whole van filled with people ready to break in. That seems to be a common problem with new development; especially with the cost of cooper and metal being so high. He was also saying how he foresees all of Broadway to be fashioned with similar buildings in the coming years.

Being that we were right down the block from the beloved-Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway), I asked the super what was going on with the place. He said two families are actually living there. “They shouldn’t. It’s supposed to be vacant, but if you pass by at night you will see a light on in the back of the building on the top floor.”  Of course this is all hearsay, but it makes me wonder what the owners of the Jackson Hotel are up to. I mean, unless these alleged two couples are paying around $20,000 a month in rent,  why would the owners allow this place to stand the way it is. What can I say? I am just fascinated by this place! For more on the Jackson Hotel, please sure to visit the post I did a few weeks ago: (see –Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey).


One of the two parking malls on E. Park Avenue between Long Beach Blvd & Monroe Blvd is finally getting its much needed makeover. We knew this was coming, as mentioned in the Summer issue of LB CityBeat (see – LB CityBeat – Summer 2011).

Gone are the days of being able to swim in a parking lot.


Beth Sholom (315 Roosevelt Blvd) got hit with the wreaking ball this week – as somebody on LB Patch mentioned: on the holiest week of the Jewish calendar!! I agree. Come on developers, show some respect!!

What’s to come? The LB Patch says three duplexes and a single-family home will be erected. I’ll be sure to follow up with photos once this new development starts to happen. I did managed to snap some photos of the pretty glass and whatever was left before it’s all gone.


Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey

This morning I went by the Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) to take some external shots and, to my surprise saw the front door open. So I went inside. But, before we get to that, here is a little bit of a back story:

I wrote about this place before:

  • June 4th, 2009 – Hotels by the Sea (The Jackson was still open for business.)
  • July 23rd, 2009Want to buy a Hotel?  (Please note: The Real Estate listing in that article no longer lists the hotel for sale).
  • August 24th, 2010 – Rumors, Rumors, Rumors: Barnes & Noble by the Sea? W Hotel? (Ahh, the W Hotel rumor. When I wrote this article, the Jackson was still in operation).
  • (NO DATE) – The last thing I heard: It was no longer a hotel, but used as residence for folks coming here from Israel. I’m not sure if there is any truth to that.

Here I am a year later tackling the same issue. I went to take some photos and saw that the door was open:

Greeted by a NO ROOMS sign. I guess they’re all booked up? I ignored the NO TRESPASSING signs, which I am so good at doing, and went right in.
Here is a closeup of another posting in the window –  a hold harmless agreement. I agree to blah blah blah the second I walk in.
The next two are some blurry photos of the lobby which prompted me to changed the ISO on my camera to a much higher setting. (Just some film talk. I’m trying to act more important than I really am… lol)
A pretty bouquet of flowers welcoming me to take some photos. Note: the piles of books. Every room had lots of books!
This next shot is where all the magic happens. You know, eating.
Another room on the first floor. These rooms scream 1970’s.
Back to the lobby. At this point I was faced with a choice: Go upstairs or leave. Well, I shouldn’t of been inside in the first place, so I did the right thing and left. I just want to mention that even though I just walked right in, I do respect private property and didn’t touch anything. I’m sure I’ll get some heat for doing just that, but this was a mission for knowledge. Too bad I didn’t learn anything new…
And the external shots:


After my little exploration, I decided to call them up and see what gives. Of course I needed a phone number. The first place I went to was their website (www.jacksonbythebeach.com). But guess what? It just expired last month. Here is a screen shot:



So I did a little google search, got the phone number (516-431-3700) and gave it a ring. After all, with the big surfpocalypse coming, I’m wondering if they have any more rooms available (I write that with sarcasm). Well, guess what? Nobody answered.

Jackson by the Beach is just another relic of Long Beach waiting to be taken over… If anybody has any info or updates on this hotel, please post in the comments section.