[RUMOR] That Lot Next to the Allegria (Might House a Moderately Priced Restaurant).

Do you know that empty lot right next to the Allegria Hotel? In August 2011 we learned how it was purchased by The Engel Burman Group, developers of Aqua on the Ocean (read – Aqua on the Ocean Owners Get A Lot). Besides a few trucks during Quiksilver Pro, that empty lot hasn’t seen any action since then, until an advertisement for Aqua on the Ocean appeared a few months back. So far no real movement, but I am hearing whispers that the new development will be similar to the Aqua on the Ocean with the addition of  a “moderately priced restaurant” on the boardwalk level that will be open to the public.

That lot is already zoned commercial, as you can see [photo below] the stores sitting next to King David Manor before they were demolished (circa 2007. Photo Credit: Phil Marino for The New York Times). I’m assuming mixed use zoning would have to be called for in order to add the residential space.

Although Aqua on the Ocean isn’t completely occupied, common sense tells me developers are going to continue to go after the luxury market in Long Beach since boardwalk/ocean views are limited and will always have an upside.

We desperately need more food on or near the boardwalk, since our current options aren’t enough:

  • Atlantica Restaurant @ The Allegria Hotel. (Expensive with mixed reviews – search this blog)
  • Overlook at the Beach [Formerly Vito’s] (I haven’t eaten at the new place yet. Any good?)
  • Chips and Soda from scattered snack carts (I would hardly call that dining)
  • Chips, Soda, Ice Cream and Hot Dogs from the city-run snack shacks (Ditto)

I was hoping we’d see some food trucks this summer, but it appears to be too late in the season to get that going. A moderately priced restaurant sounds good to me and would offer some good competition for the Atlantica at the Allegria. [Cue in all the “where are these people going to park?” comments.]

My Roof Top Adventure [The Allegria Hotel]

Last Saturday I decided to check out the root top at the Allegira Hotel (80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY). I walked through the lobby, pressed RT on the elevator and up I went.

Right when you exit the elevator, you essentially step right into the bar area. Nobody greets and asks if you want anything. I wasn’t that thirsty, but would have caved under pressure. Perhaps a waitress should be working the room? I didn’t see any.

Walking past the bar towards the beachside was this empty room. Perhaps it’s the dance floor at night? Or perhaps it’s just wasted space?

Here are a few shots of the pool. It’s kinda small, but still awesome. Roof top pools always impress me. Alas, my attitude with being in the Long Beach is the following: Who needs a pool when you have the ocean. But I get it, not everybody likes the ocean. It is pretty cool though..swimming on top of a building? Come on!

I tried to be discreet while taking these photos. I didn’t want to look like creepy man taking photos of people in their bathing suits.

On to the beautiful vistas of Long Beach. Looking West:

Boardwalk Arts & Crafts festival, Looking East:

Directly down below was the NYSEA Skateboarding Contest & live music.

Out in the distance was the surfer Paddle Out dedicated to George Geiser, the Long Beach surfing legend who died in an auto-related incident in Puerto Rico back in 2009.

Back inside the hotel was this other room that was north of the bar. I guess it’s used for catering. A little too sparkly for my taste…

Through the windows were more breathtaking vistas of our beautiful city looking north. Allllllll the way in the distance are the North Shore Towers in Floral Park.

Can you see Manhattan?

On my way out I was reminded of the old tenant. Nice touch by the owner to leave a tiny bit of history around.

Not to knock the Allegria Hotel, but they need to learn how to make money. We were on the roof top for a good 45 minutes. Not once were we asked if we wanted a drink. I call this a missed opportunity for the hotel, because as an uninvited guest, I would have felt the pressure of paying for something. That is money for the bar, tip money for the staff, money for the hotel and tax money for Long Beach.

Staff going around asking if you want something makes you feel like you’re being watched, which is good for hotel security. But most importantly, it makes you feel like you’re being taken care of.  I’m not one who likes special treatment, but a lot of folks do; especially when you spend a ton of money staying at a fancy hotel.

Other things that bugged me: Cigarette butts on patio; no butt stations. Gum. Dirt. Weird signs saying you can reserve stuff for money. I don’t know… that comes across as tacky to me. Make money with drinks and food, not seats.

Other than that, it was really nice. Unlike most residents, I am actually a fan of this hotel and I want them to succeed. The roof top is really nice, so if you’re nosey like me, just walk in and take the elevator to RT.

REPORT: Hoffmann Manor Sold for $20 Million? [Rumor]

Will the Hoffmann Manor be going down the same route as Kind David Manor?

A very reliable source is telling me that the Hoffman Manor (274 West Broadway  Long Beach, NY 11561) was just sold for $20 million. The new owners (whoever they may be) plan on change, but it’s unclear whether or not that means an updated senior housing facility, condos or competition for the Allegria in the form of a hotel.

The Allegria Hotel was once King David Manor, also a senior housing facility. Developers have figured out that waterfront property is pretty rare in this neck of the woods ocean, so redevelopment of that orange and yellow building was a no-brainer. Common sense tells me that condos and hotels are worth far more than senior housing. It’s just a matter of time before the Hoffmann goes down the same path.

FYI: My source is not the same person who recently tipped me off on the alleged Jackson Hotel being sold for $10 million. Pretty interesting nonetheless, as the Long Beach skyline keeps evolving. More and more people are learning about our little city by the sea oasis, so demand for updated housing and hotel space will be needed. You can tell just by looking at the amount of surfers there are in the water this year. Has that number tripled since last summer or what? How many of these new visitors are starting to consider Long Beach their next possible home?

I can’t believe this was King David Manor or: Will the Allegria Hotel & Spa work here?

Regarding my Opening night and the place was PACKED post on the Allegria Hotel, local Long Beach resident Heshy asks: Someone told me rooms go for $400 a night at the Allegria – a) is this true?  b) can this kind of upscale work in Long Beach?

I can’t answer the first question, but the second one is really interesting. Can this kind of upscale work here? What do you guys think?


Last week my wife and I decided to take a peak inside this place. “I can’t believe this was King David Manor” was my initial thought when we entered the lobby.  The decor was just beautiful.  The beach motif wasn’t tacky at all – lots of shells, glass, wood, stone.  It was very hip and upscale. – the kind that is taking over the Bowery in NYC. The Allergria makes the Garden City Hotel, it’s main competition, look like a holiday inn – very dated and boring.

The friendly Allegria staff encouraged us to look around.  We decided to go up a floor (boardwalk level) to check out the restaurant, bar and lounge area.

photo 2 We really wanted to eat at the restaurant, but we just ate dinner, so we settled with coffee and dessert.  The “snack bar” menu is filled with all sorts of expensive alcoholic drinks starting at $12 each.  The dessert selection was pretty limited. Some of the items offered were chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, s’mores and a few other items which I can’t remember. Well for a total of $24 (with tip) we got two cups of Starbucks brand coffee and the hockey puck-shaped s’mores dessert.

So how was it?

Let me rephrase what we ate for $24 bucks: Two SMALL cups of coffee and a fancy ring ding.  The s’mores was tasty, but way overpriced. As far as desserts are concerned, I just can’t see myself going there a lot. I like to splurge every once in a while, but I find a cone of Marvel Ice Cream to be much more satisfying. Besides, I’m not a big fan of starbucks coffee. Charbucks.


That saying, I heard the restaurant is great and I plan on trying it out.  While I don’t like overpaying for coffee and dessert, dinner is another story.  I’ll overpay for dinner provided that it’s something that I can’t make at home.

So can this kind of upscale work in Long Beach? I really don’t know. New York has a lot of food options. What New York doesn’t have are too many hotels & restaurants on the Beach.  The novelty of being on the water helps a lot, but in Long Beach? At these prices????? This isn’t the Hamptons. Are we headed that way? What do you guys think?

A small note: I have to apologize for these photos. I do own a DSLR, but I never bring it anywhere. I am always stuck taking blurry photos with my cell phone.

From assisted living to a fancy hotel

What’s this? Another article on the Allegria hotel? Of course!  Pretty good article actually. It briefly tells you the story on how King David Manor became the Allegria. Best part of the article – the old King David Manor signs have been saved!   I love it when all of history isn’t just thrown away. As ugly as it was, King David Manor is still part of Long Beach history.

hotelinteractive.com – Adapting to Adaptive Reuse

Random Updates

Well the winter is almost officially here and all is quiet here in this sleepy beach town.

I went to Sugo Cafe and liked it. The owner was really nice and they have live entertainment and comedy on the weekends. It’s not your typical Italian food that you would find at Gino’s or Mulberry Street. Being an Italian myself it was pleasantly surprised and not bored. Mulberry Street was a little too boring for me (sorry).

Green Cactus has been open for a few months and I suggest everybody to try it if you haven’t already. It’s a local Long Island franchise and one of the better ones.

Five Guys Burgers is also open. I love the checkerboard / old diner look. I wish them success. Unfortunately I probably won’t eat there that much. When I want a burger, I usually just throw it on the grill.

The Allegria Hotel & Spa (King David Manor) website claims that they will be open for business this March and they are already taking reservations.

No news on the Bayfront development or the Superblock, but it looks like city might consider using Meter parking on the West End of town.. As if parking there didn’t suck already…..

King David Manor…. the Second?

The King David Manor.

Yes, we all know it. Yes, we all loathe it. It definitely has been an eyesore in the community for so many years. So many people know about this building that it actually starting looking at it as if it were a landmark. I actually find the building to be charming.. but the again, I am weird. well say “good bye” to King David and say “hello” to The Allegria Hotel and Spa.

Renovations are currently underway by the Alrose Group. After digging around their website I found a photo of the finished product:

When done, this “King David II” (aka Allegria Hotel & Spa) will be two stories taller and a lot fancier. It will actually be marketed as an alternative to the Garden City hotel- and why not? It’s 15 minutes to JFK. Walking distance to the LIRR, and it’s on the beach!!! It’s basically a win-win situation for Alrose Group, Long Beach, and those with lots of money.

New Developement

Just a quick post on new development which is going on in our city right now. Later, I will give more detailed descriptions on each development.

Three major projects going on right now.

One is the Renovation of the King David Manor. Go to http://www.alrosegroup.com/ and click on OTHER PROPERTIES – it’s the one on top. The King David is completely gutted and work is underway.

The second is the bayfront redevelopment project. I will post more on this later.

The third is the Superblock. I will post more on this later.