Newsday on Army Corp project, plus ‘Where will the Sand Come From?’

Newsday has some more info on the Army Corps dune project to begin in Long Beach in 2017

“The Point Lookout-to-Lido Beach phase is expected to be completed in 2017 and $85 million of improvements are expected to start in Long Beach in 2018.

………Beach sand is being replaced from a beach fill area on the ocean floor, about 1 mile offshore from Long Beach. Crews will take fine sand similar to the current beach makeup to add 36 million cubic yards of sand to the beach.” [LINK]

One issue which has been brought up on this blog before in an article that I cannot find: Will we be getting the same wonderful sand when they replenish the beach? The Newsday article says yes. In the blog article which I cannot find, I mentioned a similar Army Corp project that happened in (New Jersey or Maryland or one of those Carolinas) years ago where they dredged terrible, rocky sand and ruined the beach. I know nothing about the Long Beach Borrow Area that’s marked on the image below, but it does appear this concern will be addressed, so cross your fingers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.11.18 AM

READ: Army Corp of Engineers 6/29/16 Meeting Presentation 

I am a certified open-water scuba diver, so a great blog post would involve me diving down to that area and take actual video. Perhaps even bring a shoe to perform the Long Beach Sand in my Shoes-test, to physically feel if quality is the same. Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.54.44 AM


This morning Lido Blvd had electric signs telling cyclists and drivers to share the road….

If they only designed that road the right way…..    I guess the idea of that center brick median was for safe place for pedestrians to hang out while crossing. It’s not so safe when cars are driving 50+ MPH. There are beaches to get to. There are schools to be accessed. There is Marvel.  I know the thought of eliminating a traffic lane to some Long Islanders is blasphemy, but that blvd should have been designed with two lanes going into Long Beach, three going out. The median is fine and probably needed for turning lanes, but the extra room from the deleted lane would be for bike lanes. Just my opinion.

Malibu & MaliBLUE

Newsday is running an article on the Malibu Beach Club in Lido Beach getting a $10M makeover. From the article:

“[Butch] Yamali — then a teenager in Island Park, now president of Plainview-based Dover Hospitality and Catering Co. — now runs Malibu, and he’s in the middle of a $10 million transformation of the venerable beach club and resort.

…The next step is to determine the future of the resort’s central nightclub building, which has been mostly shuttered for about 15 years, Yamali said. He said he is considering adding a sports or entertainment facility that will keep the club — currently open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day — functional all year.”

[Read @ Newsday –  Malibu Club in Lido Beach gets $10M makeover]

An entertainment facility would be great. We could use an alternative to Huntington’s Paramount somewhere in Nassau county, especially on the south shore; a place that is larger than Mulcahy’s of Wantagh, but much smaller than Jones Beach theater. The new Maliblue has concerts, but I’m looking for a place that will attract more mainstream artists.

Speaking of Maliblue:

I meant to do a review on Maliblue (1500 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY) a few months ago, but didn’t really bother. I don’t eat seafood, so how can I review it? My wife had the lobster and was not impressed. She actually has an issue with most seafood restaurants on the south shore, but she’s from Seattle, so I don’t blame her. Maybe she’s used to fresh seafood being shipped in from Alaska, while most around here is fried or butter-drenched frozen stuff. I’m not saying Maliblue had either, but she just wasn’t impressed with her lobster. My steak wasn’t that bad, but how I can review a steak from seafood restaurant? Other than that, I appreciate Maliblue’s effort; they did a great job with the decor and the staff were really nice. They advertise the hell out the place during the summer months with all those airplanes banners by telling us how the band MYSTIC is always playing there.

Has anybody been to this place yet? What did you think?

Marvel Updates from the Zoning Board Meeting

Lido Beach resident, who goes by the name of Sensei Magnum, was present at the zoning board meeting and got some information regarding the rebuilding of Marvel Ice Cream & Yogurt (258 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY 11561). This is what Sensei had to say:

08/22/2012 “Marvel was an hour and a half long issue. There were about 20 of us there to show support with a stack of letters from neighbors sharing support. There were 7 or 8 people who opposed it (every single one of them live on Bath st.) & one lived on Allevard too. The architect, attorney, and a traffic engineer were also present representing Marvel.

The new proposed structure will have an enclosure that people will stand inside as a means of further protection. The current stand as well as the offices & the upstairs apartment rental (which my friend is currently living in) are proposed to be knocked down. An interesting piece of info is that according to FEMA requirements, if Marvel is demolished the new structure must be built adhering to flood protection guidelines. That strongly states that the structure must be built 5 ‘ higher off the ground then it currently is. That would hypothetically require Marvel to install a handicap accesible ellevator. The interesting thing about this permit, is that it states these developments are required for safety needs (something the school preservation bill was duplicitous about, but I digress) and the towns permit granted for safety can trump FEMA’s regulations. The opposition wasn’t prepared for this, the only issue they have is that customers illegaly park, and someone had the gaul to compare Bath street to the west end.

This proposal is removing potential revenue fron the owner and is focused on modernizing their organization. This will really improve traffic on Lido blvd as well. I’ll talk more about the schematics tomorrow.”

08/23/2012 “The proposed enclosure will be standing room only, there won’t be chairs. The proposed site will increase the parking spots from the current 17 to 19 parking spaces. (2 of those spaces are now going to be dedicated to handicapped spaces. (one opponent, said that if there are no handicap people present that those become wasted spaces.. she’s such a tool)

Marvel has a total of three Aprons into their site currently. This is proposed to stay the same. I spoke about how removing the ice cream stand removes an obstruction motorists usually feel hesitant about driving adjacent when turning right into the first apron from lido blvd east bounds’ lane. I asserted that with the stand leveled, there is nothing to be hesitant about, not only will motorists see available parking spaces immediately, so they will free up the congestion behind. And back ups on Lido Blvd will be a thing of the past. (considering that’s a safety issue in itself. I was surprised that none of Marvels’ representatives mentioned that, let alone other supporters) also I asserted that with the parking lot free of obstruction the exiting apron out to lido blvd will better noticed by the vehicles entering the lot, and will less likely use the bath st apron for exiting.

Finally, the board members said they would tour the site to determine what their decisions would be. [One resident]  (btw lives 2 blocks away on Buxton street was probing hard about why the stand isn’t proposed to be moved to the south side of the lot. The response was that the sand would be have to be wider and dsplace more parking spaces bringing the parking spaces number to 13.

It’s important Anthony, to just repeat what the board told the opposition. .”the opposition for Marvels’ proposal has to be based on safety issues, since the focus of this proposal, as you obviously know, is about safety. The 6 opponents who spoke said nothing about safety, it was a communal bias about parkng, and not traffic. Pitiful imo.”

Marvel is basically saying that Nassau County screwed up (Lido Blvd is still too dangerous + my plant rant)

Marvel Ice Cream & Yogurt (258 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY 11561) is a staple on our barrier Island. I always get the sense of walking through a time machine when I go there – to a place when life was less complicated. Vanilla soft serve with magic shell is my personal pick. You order from a window, then sit or stand around the parking lot eating your ice cream while watching who else comes by. Marvel has that sense of community which most places today lack. The building itself should be landmarked. But guess what? That iconic building with the cone on top might soon be rebuilt, as reported by the AOL-Owned LB Patch (see –Marvel Looks to Rebuild). Reasoning being: traffic goes to fast on Lido Blvd.

Let’s face it, Nassau County screwed up. The changes they brought to Lido Blvd has been nothing, but a disaster. Motorists still drive the same way: very fast and aggressive. The roads are still too wide and there are no bike lanes or wide sidewalks for the kids who go to the schools in that area. The only changes I really noticed are the landscapers once a month wacking some weeds on the new medians. Way to add to the landscaping budget….. I mean, they couldn’t even figure out the correct shrubs to plant! (Maybe some native grasses? They look beachy, require less water, grow fast and will hide the weeds.)

Long Beach & Lido Beach should be pedestrian/bike friendly communities, but are plagued with the three lane highway (Lido blvd / Park Ave) that runs through it. I drive Lido blvd almost everyday; at 50mph in the 30mph zone I AM THE SLOWEST DRIVER. I don’t want to go 50mph, but I have no choice. I don’t like being tailgated or aggressively passed by and cut off, so I reluctantly go with the traffic. At 20 over the speed limit, I’m still the slowest driver since every single car still passes me. Yep, Lido Blvd is dangerous:

Those are just three of many; I see accidents there all the time. It drives me crazy how one solution is to ban kids from skateboarding and riding their bikes on certain roads like Lido. If anything, we should encourage more of that activity. Kids are locked up in their homes in front of computers playing video games, staring at their ipads and iphones. Obesity is epidemic. You are telling me that we should ban these very same kids from getting exercise? Besides, they NEED to travel these roads to get to the schools that are there! For that reason alone, Lido Blvd should be extremely safe, not a three lane autobahn.

That’s where Marvel comes in. For the safety of their customers, Marvel plans to rebuild their iconic ice cream shop further away from Lido Blvd. Maybe it will benefit them with better parking, but I am going to miss the old building with that glowing cone on top. That being said, it’s a lot of money and trouble for them to spend, on a situation that should have been fixed when those roads were redesigned a few years ago. In other words: All that work our county did back in 2009 was a complete waste of money.

Related article: Lido Boulevard transformation (April 2009)

A 14 year old boy on a skateboard gets hit on Lido Blvd. You know, that road that was not designed the right way.

Long Beach resident  Larry Vaughn sent in the photo along with a little rant:

A 14 year old boy was hit by a car. He was riding a skateboard. If the road was two lanes with a bike/board lane he would be fine right now.

(see article at AOL-owned LB Patch: UPDATED: Middle School Student in Critical Condition After Auto Accident)

Larry is right. The six lane Lido Blvd through Lido Beach was given a recent facelift that so far proved to be nothing, but a complete waste of taxpayers money while it still remains a dangerous road. Not to nitpick, but should have been designed as follows:

Have only two lanes going west into Long Beach. Three lanes coming east out of Long Beach for emergency evacuation and outgoing beach traffic. The remaining “extra” lane should have then been used as a bike lane on each side. This poor boy could have been on that bike lane, as there is currently no room whatsoever on the blvd. Skateboarding and bike riding is not allowed in sidewalks.

I drive on Lido Blvd every single day – both morning and evening rush hour. The only traffic I hit is when there is an accident. A 14 year old boy should be allowed to skateboard in a safe environment, but what the DOT gave us was the same speedy road with some weeds growing in the middle medians.

In Island Park they plan on actually doing the two lane south/three lane north configuration, but it’s really just to make more room for parked cars on the side of the road. There is no mention whatsoever on bike lanes. Who is in charge of these new road designs? Maybe they should all be fired.

My heart goes out to the boy and his family. The Patch is now reporting that the child is in critical condition… sigh.. We are all thinking of you.

Horrific Car Accident and Traffic on Lido Blvd this AM.

For those who take the Loop Parkway to work, I’m sure you saw the horrific scene this morning, which featured a massive amount of traffic, smashed cars, helicopters and sirens galore. I managed to take a snap shot of one of the helicopters lifting off, but not of the accident – out of respect to the victims. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty scene. My heart and prayers defintiely go out to all those involved. I’ll try to follow up with updates from Newsday, Patch, Herald, etc as the story breaks to the mainstream media.



Will the Town of Hempstead Finally Join the Rest of Long Island? [Complete Streets]

The other day I did an article about bike lanes on Park Avenue in Long Beach where I briefly mentioned the Complete Streets-concept (read –Are Bike Lanes on Park Avenue even possible?). I was originally going to write more, especially on how every Long Island township, with the exception of the Town of Hempstead (TOH) were on board with Complete Streets. Newsday is reporting that the TOH are making steps to finally make it happen:

“The Hempstead Town board is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a policy that would consider safety and convenient access for all users of town roads — including people in cars, on foot, on bicycles and on buses — in the design, construction and revamping of town streets. The towns of North HempsteadBabylonIslipBrookhaven and Southampton already have adopted similar policies. (Source – Hempstead to vote on road design policy)

Of course people who left comments for that article have no [insert bad curse word] clue. This does not mean that every single street will be retrofitted into a Complete Street over night. It simply means that when it’s time to redesign/renovate a road, Complete Streets will be considered.


Yeah, because white paint is soooooooooo expensive.

Get a life. Safer streets are a priority as far as I’m concerned.

(sorry, just cranky)

Why does this matter to us in Long Beach since we’re not in the Town of Hempstead? Well, all of our neighboring towns (Atlantic Beach, Oceanside, Island Park, Harbor Island, Barnum Island, Lido Beach and Point Lookout) are. Austin Blvd in Island Park, which is especially dangerous for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, is apparently undergoing a traffic study. Let’s hope they make it a safer road and not just pour new blacktop. (read – A Safer Austin Boulevard?)

I think we all pretty much agree how bicycling on Lido Blvd in Lido Beach should be safer. The current design, even with those new medians, actually makes me drive my car faster. That road would have benefited tremendously with Complete Streets. As of now, the only safe way to ride your bike there is on the sidewalk which is against the law.

Like that Newsday article says: Long Island in general is home to most of the dangerous roads in the region and the Town of Hempstead is not excluded from that.”

Town of Hempstead Announces Another Larger Wind Turbine at Festive Press Conference

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE LOOK AT THE DATE THIS ARTICLE WAS POSTED. HINT: It was posted April 1st. Does that ring a bell?

Or just read this article first: The TOH didn’t LOL at my Wind Turbine April Fool’s Joke


“Once again, Kate Murray and the Town of Hempstead are true Long Island leaders in advancing wind power into Long Island’s energy portfolio,” said LIPA’s Chief Operating Officer Michael D. Hervey at a press conference today at the Conservation and Waterways in Lido Beach, NY. This second wind turbine, which will be located just 100 feet west of the first one that was installed late 2011, stands 2420 feet tall and is capable of generating up to 3600 megawatts of power per year. Hervey added “It has the potential to power every single nail salon in the Town of Hempstead.”

“The answer to clean and renewable energy is blowin’ in the wind…the answer is blowin’ in the wind,” said Town Supervisor Kate Murray who then took out an acoustic guitar and started playing the Bob Dylan song for the press. “Just like how I am performing unplugged, this turbine will help the Town of Hempstead unplug from fossil fuels.” In keeping with a wind-themed setlist, Murray also played “Wind of Change” by the German rock band The Scorpions and her version of Jimi Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary.” She concluded by smashing her guitar against a town-issue Chevrolet pickup truck. “Play ‘Free Bird,’” yelled Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, who was caught up in the excitement, not realizing Murray’s guitar was already broken. Laughing about it later on, Mangano said, “Well, at least I caught a guitar pick.”

The wind turbine’s size was the big, no pun intended, topic at today’s press conference. Its enormous size will make it one of the tallest man-made structures in the world, just 297 feet short of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The other big topic was what officials are calling a barrier-island drift. The turbine will act like a giant propeller, responding to strong northwest winds and essentially moving the barrier island away from the mainland over the next 40 years [see diagram below].

“I am certain that the barrier island residents will welcome the change. Houses will become more exclusive which will result in higher property values and a stronger tax base. Boaters, fishermen and sea robins alike will love the expanded bay. It’s a win-win for all,” stated Murray. Ron Masters, Commissioner of Conservation and Waterways for the Town of Hempstead added, “The Island will move. Not slow like the ice age, but it won’t be fast enough for anyone to notice on a daily basis. I’m not worried. If you think about it, it really doesn’t matter. Have you seen the original Planet of the Apes? This barrier island will be underwater by year 3978 AD anyway.” “Those damn dirty apes,” added Murray.

Regarding the need to expand the existing bridges, the town also announced they’ll be utilizing new bamboo bridge technology, which slowly grows to accommodate the island drift from the mainland. “This technology is so advanced that we are unable to explain it without our bamboo expert present,” Murray said. “We do have bamboo already growing at our new Sen. Norman J. Levy Bamboo Forest over in Merrick. [Bamboo] will then be transported to the appropriate spots when the drift comes, but that’s still a few years away.”

The wind turbine is scheduled to be installed and in full operation by Summer 2013, pending the results of the turbine’s impact on birds and air and spacecraft.