Cuomo vetos Port Ambrose/LNG [opinions]

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally vetoed Port Ambrose.  Welcoming news to all who are concerned about terrorism and the environment. In a community still recovering from Sandy, I cannot understand why anybody would want this port within our region. I also cannot understand the endless desire to industrialize our ocean. Leave nature alone.  The whales and fish need all the help they can get.

Yes, I get it. The port was 14 or so miles away, but that’s not the point. There are better ways to reduce heating costs, as well as alternative means of energy. It was not Port Ambrose. This port was not going to lower your heating costs. That was nothing, but a lie. Just like when you vote for a politician who tells you they will lower your taxes. It’s never going to happen. Ever. This port was only designed to benefit those who were directly involved with it. That does not include you.

This is all my opinion, but for those who really want to know who projects like these benefit,  please read this article from Newsday last week: Adam Skelos looked to profit from fracking, documents say

Want to put giant windmills up that will give us energy? Fine. I wish we could utilize that garbage dump in Oceanside. I wish we could just load that mound up with solar panels and call it a day. Whatever. I am sure I’ll get some people commenting saying how this port was good for us, but I’m just going to ignore you. I am very happy by today’s news. Thank you, Gov. Cuomo. You made the right choice.


“NO LNG” week continues…… Fracking & LNG Connection

So I am trying to find out what the link is between Fracking and LNG. From what I can make out,  Fracked gas would be liquefied for storage and transport through a LNG facility, such as the proposed Port Ambrose. The ban on fracking in NY State is actually a loss for the LNG facility.

There is no ‘LNG storage’ at Port Ambrose, but because the tanker would take 17 days to unload and longer to load, the LNG is technically stored on the ships out in the water. This is what happens to transports moving liquified gas. READ: [Liquified] Gas Explosion Shatters Mexico City Maternity and Children’s Hospital

Can you imagine if this happened in our ocean?


The LNG cavern storage is also big issue right now in Seneca Lake, NY. Check out WE ARE SECENCA, where locals are doing everything they can (including jail time) to block the Crestwood’s gas storage facility.

Thank you ALL OUR ENERGY for help on this article.

Surfrider Meeting at Lido Elementary this Wednesday. LNG will be a topic to discuss. [No LNG Week continues!]


FEBRUARY is all about LOVE! Let’s get together and protect what we love! Our beautiful ocean and beaches! February 4th is our next Central Long Island Chapter Meeting at Lido Elementary School, 237 Lido Boulevard, Lido Beach, NY 11561 7-9PM. The Chapter will be having regular meetings at this location, at this time, through April at least. This is a new beginning for the Chapter and there will be Chapter Elections at the February Meeting. Don’t forget to renew your membership to Surfrider! See you soon!

Event Page: Surfrider CLI February Chapter Meeting!

Central Long Island Chapter Meeting
Wednesday, February 4th. 7-9PM
Lido Elementary School, 237 Lido Boulevard

(photo credit: Surfrider Foundation- Central Long Island Chapter)

High Speed LNG, Let’s Not Go There

Derail LNG(3)

The House just approved a bill that will speed up the approval process for fracked gas, also knows as liquified natural gas (LNG), export facilities. The Senate is considering the same bill right now in committee, which would increase fracking and minimize the power of the people to stand up against these facilities.

When it comes to stopping climate-killing fracked gas export facilities, we can’t afford to allow the Senate and their fracking friends to cut us out of the process.

VISIT THIS WEBSITE & Sign up to tell your Senators to derail the fast track for approving LNG facilities.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Long Beach Rally on January 3rd, Public Hearing in Queens on January 7th

1/3/2015 – Hearing Preparation Rally / Event
Saturday MORNING before the Wednesday hearing
Time:  10am- 12noon (may start earlier if we need to)
Place: Long Beach Public Library
RSVP and share the facebook event Here:

1/7/2015 – Public Hearing on Port Ambrose LNG Project
Time: 6pm
Place: JFK Hilton, 144-02 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436
RSVP and share the facebook event Here:


Send a message to Governor Cuomo urging him to veto this dangerous proposal! Port Ambrose is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) port that has been proposed for the New York Harbor. This project would damage our marine ecosystem, place us at risk from terrorist attacks, and promote fracking.

Right now, the Coast Guard and the Maritime Administration are soliciting public input on this project. Fortunately, Governor Cuomo, as well as New Jersey’s Governor Christie, has the authority to veto the project.
We need EVERYONE to turn out and send a message to Governor Cuomo that we will not allow our shores to be put in danger. For more information, visit

Spread the word! We will see you there!

City of Long Beach says NO to the Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas Project [EVENT THIS MONDAY!]

City Government of Long Beach has written a letter to Governor Cuomo unanimously opposing the Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas Project. They will be holding a community meeting on Monday where people can learn more about the project and why the Council and City Government is opposing it.

WHEN: Monday, December 8th @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
WHERE: Long Beach Library, 111 West Park Avenue
Facebook page HERE
Long Beach city announcement HERE

“LONG Beach, or LNG Beach” on Wednesday, October 8 at 7 pm at Long Beach Public Library [It’s the issue that just won’t go away!]

Long Beach faces a newly revised and revitalized push to install a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Port off Its shore. This “plan” will probably be fast tracked, right during the winter when thousands of beachgoers and surfers are not as easily mobilized. Last time we had no warning. This time we must be prepared. Local opposition will take shape at this event.

Be the local voice with us!

Wednesday, October 8th at 7pm
Long Beach Public Library
111 West Park Avenue

For more information on this event, please visit the website or join the event on facebook.