Play Pac-Man on the virtual streets of Long Beach [Google Maps]

You can play Pac-Man on the virtual streets of Long Beach via Google Maps right now. It’s not going to last too long, so head over and play before it’s too late. No quarters required! [LINK]Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 6.20.54 PM

This isn’t the first time Google gave us a pre-April fools map surprise. Back on March 31st, 2012 you were able to view an 8-Bit version of our City by the Sea: GOOGLE QUEST: VIEW 8-BIT LONG BEACH [TECHNOLOGY]


A seashore topographical outline of our Island today vs. 1880

The other day I posted a competition-proposed idea of turning the medians along the boulevards in Long Beach into channels, which would apparently relieve flooding during future storms (read –What do you folks think of the ‘Channels along boulevards of Long Beach to prevent flooding’ idea?). Continue reading “A seashore topographical outline of our Island today vs. 1880”

Long Beach City Map & Guide

Check out The New Long Beach Brochure. Pretty interesting concept, but  it all depends on where they are distributed (cough…cough.. LIRR cough..couch…). I love maps, so I appreciate this. Much need too. Hopefully it gets visitors to stay longer and spend money here.

What can be added in the future that will enhance the visitor experience? Let me guess: none of you want visitor experience to be enhanced, right? HA. Either way, It looks like these guides will be distributed frequently based on the UPCOMING EVENTS portion. Check it out:  City of Long Beach Website: Introducing the NEW Long Beach City Map & Guide!)

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Bike Lanes & DecoBike Kiosk Locations [MAP]

(Not to Scale, click to enlarge or view full PDF: DecoBike_Kiosk_Locations)

Thirteen Kiosk locations:

  1. Pacific Blvd / Shore Road (Presidents Section)
  2. Boardwalk / Neptune Blvd (East End)
  3. Virginia Ave / Beech Street (West End)
  4. Welcome to Long Beach Park on Beech Street between Nevada and Ohio Avenues (West End)
  5. Grand Blvd / West Park Avenue (The Walks)
  6. Magnolia Blvd / Recreation Center (Westholme)
  7. West Walnut Street / Edwards Blvd (Central District)
  8. Clark Street Park (The Canals)
  9. Riverside Blvd / Park Place (North Park)
  10. LIRR (Central District)
  11. Boardwalk / Edwards Blvd (Central District)
  12. Boardwalk / Grand Blvd (Westholme)
  13. Roosevelt Avenue / Park Avenue (East End)

After a quick glance, one has to wonder why there isn’t a kiosk right near the Allegria Hotel. I guess you can say there’s the one a block away on Edwards Blvd & the boardwalk, but that seems to better serve the NYC folk riding bikes down Edwards from the LIRR kiosk. And is anybody going to really use the kiosk all the way up in the canals at the Clark Street Park?  Ahh soo much to discuss. I’ll write more on this topic later on.

Ok, the bike lane locations. I was hoping it would have been laid out more like Helltrack from the 1986 movie RAD, but beggars can’t be choosers. Still, not bad if you’re just riding from one Decobike kiosk to another. Ocean view & the boardwalk are already ‘bike lanes,’ so it appears to me that the only new ones Decobike will carve out are four north/south routes:

  1. Grand Blvd
  2. Magnolia Blvd
  3. Edwards Blvd
  4. Riverside Blvd

I’m still wondering how biking on Park Avenue or Beech Street can be improved; or even Long Beach Blvd for folks coming from Island Park. Perhaps I’m the only person who even cares about that? Hopefully, one of these days the city will officially adapt a Complete Streets policy, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Although, I am hearing how the new administration is open to the idea. We shall see.

In the meantime, what do you think of the bike lanes and kiosk locations? Discuss…

(Source – City of Long Beach, NY: DecoBike Kiosk Locations)

Google Quest: View 8-Bit Long Beach [Technology]

8-Bit Video Game fans rejoice! In what appears to be an April Fools joke, Google added a pretty neat feature to Google Maps called Quest. Here is the description:

  • View 8-bit landmarks
  • Be a hero, explore the world
  • Find hidden monsters

8-bit Quest Maps is our Beta Maps technology and has certain system requirements. Your system may not meet the minumum requirements for 8-bit computations.

I am not sure how long this feature will last, but if your house is already on Google Street View, check it out in 8-Bit. I’m not going to post images of mine, but it’s pretty surreal. I didn’t start my quest yet, but I did grab some LB landmark screenshots for your viewing pleasure:


The Long Island Railroad

The City of Long Beach Welcomes You

On the Planet of the Apes, Long Beach will be underwater. (YOU DAMN DIRTY APE)

My friend just forwarded me this link which I found to be kinda funny. Taken from the APES WILL RISE blog is a map of the Ape City and Forbidden Zone (not related to this). As illustrated in the bottom image, on that map is Long Beach (sort of). Actually, during this time of the apes, Long Beach appears to be underwater. So make sure you plan for the ape-apocalypse accordingly. Pack a life raft.

Slow news day? No, I’m just not terribly interested in what’s going on these days; it’s been a major snooze-fest. Besides, this is a blog and blogs are supposed to post silly stuff like this.

I am not quite sure what Ape movie or TV show the top image is from. I am guessing the TV show since I know the movies so well.

bridge over troubled water

This goes in the WTF category. I was just poking around facebook and found a group named “We want better access to Long Beach, NY” and get this, they are calling for a bridge that connects Long Beach Road in Island Park to the Meadowbrook Parkway.  Here is the group’s description:

This group’s sole objective is to create better access to Long Beach NY. The primary proposal is to have a highway spanning from the bridge between long beach and Island Park to the Meadowbrook parkway


The reason why I am calling some attention to this is because the group actually has 76 members, including a local politician. Ok, so here are my thoughts and please bare with me.

A bridge that far will not only be detrimental to the channel, but it would cost a boat load of money – something NY State doesn’t have.  If any new bridge is going to be built in the NY area, it’s not going to be there. It only takes about 10 minutes to get from Long Beach Road to Loop Parkway with our current Park Ave/Lido Blvd  situation. A bridge would probably cut those minutes down to maybe 5? Not only that, but I drive on that road every single day during rush hour and it’s really not that bad. It gets slow with all the lights, but it’s not enough to destroy Reynold’s Channel over.

I’m not sure if that facebook group is actually a gag, but I like to post whatever I find interesting about Long Beach and boy.. that proposal is uh…. interesting….  It’s something fun to talk about.