More Surfpocalypse Music from the Beach

On Saturday and Sunday, the mobile stage or “band shell” was setup on the beach at Riverside Ave.  A bunch of bands played throughout the day to entertain the thousands that came down for the competition.  Readers have sent in a few videos:


First up is Still Remains playing the Smashing Pumpkins classic, Cherub Rock

And we have Principle Flow playing Led Zeppelin’s Ramblin On

Milestone doing a cover of What’s Going On?

Keep the music playing during surfpocalypse!


Soundtrack of the Quiksilver Pro (Music around the City)

With the concert site shut down, the music spread out across the City.  Here are two videos of some of these acts.

First up is Mel Pu’u and Titus Kinimaki performing an set in the Quiksilver Merch tent.  The vibe was great and these watermen can do it all.

Second, The Great White Caps played at 65 West Broadway – directly across from the main event site to the enjoyment of the pros, locals, and tourists.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to a show at the Inn by the Roast Beef Curtains – Long Island’s only original dub/reagee band.


If you’ve got any videos of the concerts around town – whether at the bars or on the mobile stage, let us know!

Great White Caps Keep Surf Rock Alive (Guerrilla Concert)

Charles Theofan and the rest of the Long Beach politburo, erred on the side of stupidity and canceled the majority of the Quiksilver Pro at the 11th hour in a kneejerk overreaction.  What did that leave residents with?  No music, no sports demoes, but a surf competition, a merch tent, and a lot of what-could-have-beens.

Instead of letting the music die, the residents of 65 West Broadway played host to the surf rock revival band, the Great White Caps.  Starting in the afternoon and playing on and off into the sunset, this 4-piece from Bethel, PA turned National Blvd into a scene from Gidget.  This impromptu concert treated hundreds of passers-by to dozens of their original tracks and covers – the Godfather theme went over particularly well with the Italians in the crowd.  When the beach closed at 6PM, beach goers thinking their day of entertainment was over were instead able to setup on the sidewalk and enjoy the Great White Caps stylings.  More than one Quiksilver Pro athlete could be spotted in the crowd wondering, “what the hell is going on?”  Kids, adults, and everyone in between loved the free show, leading to the band  to stay on for hours longer than their planned 90-minute set.

Since 2009, the Great White Caps have been melding “60s music, with the 90s NEON with a 2000’s attitude, volume, and energy” to create an experience “akin to a science fiction super hero skinny dipping in the ocean.”  And after the overwhelmingly positive reaction they got after their first show in Long Beach, expect to see these boys back.

The best tribute to this band would have to be what I overheard on the boardwalk.  After coming out of the merch tent, two Quiksilver Pro spectators could faintly hear the echo of drums and guitars.  The couple looked at each other and said “I guess the concert wasn’t canceled after all.”

They are available for immediate bookings and eager to come back to Long Beach.  Anyone interested should email at, and check out their website and Facebook page.

With that, I’ll leave you with their new track, Screech Beach

Hipster Kids Rejoice (Matt & Kim Are Coming to the Quiksilver Pro)

It seems Quiksilver may have snuck another band in under all our noses.  A close-reading tipster pointed out that the brooklyn hipster band, Matt & Kim are listed on the Quiksilver Pro website, while not included in the press release that has the concert schedule.

I double-checked this with Matt & Kim’s website and they will indeed be here Saturday, September 3rd.

Matt & Kim will be joining several other indy-dance bands, like Girl Talk to make up what should be a very upbeat musical set.  A whole lotta music that should bring a grin to even the most jaded Quiksilver Pro attendee.


Quiksilver Pro Concert Schedule Online (Surfpocalypse Gets a Soundtrack)

Quiksilver today posted a tentative, subject to change, schedule for the Live Site.  I’ve copied the schedule below directly from the press release and have thrown in some links if you’re unfamiliar with particular artists.

All and all, the Surfpocalypse Live Site looks like a fun mix of bands that most should be able to find at least one to like.  Oh yea, and did I mention it is completely free?  Really, who wouldn’t enjoy Badfish – a great Sublime tribute band.  I’m actually most excited by the band Wavves playing.  Described as a “lo-fi/punk pop noise band,” they released a gem of an album last year called “King of the Beach.”  And for those who were at Jones Beach last week, The Flaming Lips are back.

The press release also includes info on some of the celebs coming down, and includes info on the demos planned in the live site as well.  After the summer X-Games have come and gone (and I often forgot to set my DVR), it will be pretty neat to see this stuff live.  Whether you’re a fan of skating/bmx/motox or not, watching their physical feats in person is none-the-less impressive.

The kickoff weekend, (starting on the 3rd) will include XTREME sports personalities and celebrities as: “Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Danny Way, Travis Pastrana, Andrè Villa, Nate Adams, Robbie Maddison, Rob Dyrdek, Stephanie Gilmore, Travis Rice, Torah Bright, Lisa Andersen and Sally Fitzgibbons.  It will be interesting to see how Travis Pastrana is limping around – and certainly not Nitro Circusing – after his spectacular crash on Thursday night.

Concert Schedule follows, notice that there are no events listed after the 10th, though the competition goes through the 15th.

 Saturday 9/3

Girl Talk

Saves The Day

Mat Mchugh/The Beautiful Girls Solo & Acoustic


…and a special surprise performance!!

Sunday, 9/4


Portugal. The Man

The Ettes

The English Beat

Bigger Thomas

Monday, 9/5 (Labor Day)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Civil Twilight


The Wicked Tomorrow


Tuesday, 9/6

Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime

Flight’s Kool


Wednesday, 9/7

The Benjamins

Temporary Grace

Mike Krum

Thursday, 9/8

State Radio


River City Extension

Andy Suzuki & the Method


Friday, 9/9

The Flaming Lips


Neon Indian


Charlotte O’Connor

Saturday, 9/10

Benefit Concert Hosted By Kelly Slater & Friends + The Max Weinberg Experience

Taking Back Sunday

The Sounds


I’m still most interested by the 9/11 benefit concert (to be held on the 10th) hosted by Kelly Slater that remains shrouded in mystery, but heavily hyped.  One detail is now revealed though, Slater will have the Max Weinberg Experience – the drummer for Bruce and the E Street Band on stage.  Is Bruce coming to town?  I could only dream.

And the sports demos: note that the Tony Hawk Vert Jam will be in NYC, not Long Beach.  This continues to support the concept that its the Quiksilver Pro New York, not the Quiksilver Pro Long Beach, and events will take place as much in Manhattan as here.

Quiksilver Presents The Tony Hawk Vert Jam

Friday 9/2

Massive half-pipe demo at Hudson River Park’s Pier 54 in New York City at 2:00 pm.

Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, Jesse Fritsch, Mitchie Brusco, Sandro Dias, Neal Hendrix and Elliot Sloan

MotocrossDemos & Autograph Signings

Saturday, 9/3, Sunday, 9/4 & Monday, 9/5

DC Team Riders: Travis Pastrana, Andrè Villa, Nate Adams, Robbie Maddison

Skate Demos & Autograph Signings

Saturday, 9/3 & Monday, 9/5

Skate Team: Tony Hawk, Reese Forbes, Justin Brock, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Chris Cole, MikeyTaylor, Nick Dompierre, Colin McKay, Josh Kalis, Matt Miller, Wes Kremer, Davis Torgerson, Evan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, Marquise Henry and Rob Dyrdek

BMX Demos & Autograph Signings

Friday, 9/2 through Thursday, 9/8

BMX Team: Corey Bohan, Allan Cooke, Craig Mast, Anthony Napolitan, Edwin DeLarosa, Rob Wise, Jeremiah Smith

Alfredo Mancuso, Kelly Bolton, Brad Simms, Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Jordan

“Free Summer Concert Series” Schedule

A Long Beach tradition! Not only are these shows free, but some of them are quite good! Swingtime, High Tide Reggae, Con Astone & anything Big Band are some of my favorites. Who are yours?

Time: 8pm  on Monday, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Full Updating Schedule : Free Summer Concert Series Schedule

Wednesday, July 6
Alive & Kickin’
Perform their hit “Tighter and Tighter” and much more
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, July 7
Joe Kane’s Big Bands
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Friday, July 8
T’Bazco Road
Enjoy the music of New Orleans, Cajun Zydeco before the Fireworks Extravaganza
Long Beach Blvd. Beach

Monday, July 11
Simply Tsfat
A trip (two guitars and one violin) of Breslav Hassidic musicians from the mystical city of Tsfat, the birthplace of modern Kabbalah
Long Beach Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, July 13
Irish Night w/ Black Velvet
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, July 14
Sounds of Santana and more
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Friday, July 15
Mike Krum Band
Indie rock, folk, pop (Allegria Surf Week)
National Blvd. Beach

Monday, July 18
Sounds of swing!
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, July 20
Risky Business
Rock ‘n roll rhythm & blues
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, July 21
High Tide Reggae
Hot sounds of calypso & reggae
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Monday, July 25
Killer Joe
Blues, soul, old time R&R
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, July 27
Real Hot Lanta
Classic rock ‘n roll music of the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, & Janis Joplin
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, July 28
Vintage Bliss
Darin, Sinatra, & more
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Monday, August 1
Los Playeros
The Sounds of Latin Jazz
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, August 3
All Together Now / Beatles Tribute
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, August 4
Ric Mango Orchestra
A wide selection of music and a Long Beach favorite
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Monday, August 8
Six Gun
Country, rock, folk, & bluegrass
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, August 10
Italian Night with Con Astone
Italian favorites and more
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, August 11
Classic rock ‘n blues cover band
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Monday, August 15
Polly O Band
Boogie, blues, zydeco, rock, & swing
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, August 17
Finn’s Fury
Urban Celtic Fusion & a bit of Johnny Cash
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, August 18
Mary Lamont
The best in country music
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Monday, August 22
The Vibe
Rock, hip hop, acoustic, & reggae
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, August 24
The New Yorkers
Oldies good time band
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, August 25
Freddie Scott Tribute Band
Soul, motown, and more
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Monday, August 29
National Blvd. Beach

Wednesday, August 31
New York Ave. Beach

Thursday, September 1
Neptune Blvd. Beach

Long Beach Jazz Festival

The Long Beach Jazz Festival kicks off tonight at the library and continues thought the weekend. Bands are playing everywhere, so you might catch a show unexpectedly!!

Tonight’s show @ The Long Beach Library
6:45pm – NY’s Finest -NYC Police Dept. Big Band
8:15pm – Kerry Kearney Band  (blues legend)

Check out the full schedule at