Power Windows

“From the windy Long Beach boardwalk, you may one day be able to see the wind at work, lowering energy costs.”

How do you folks feel about the wind power proposal? You can read more about it here at CBS: Long Island Community Divided Over Offshore Wind Energy Site Proposal

I have a great idea for power: Why don’t we put solar panels on that garbage dump in Oceanside? Right now we’re spending a fortune cutting the grass and oiling the Canada Goose eggs  on that mound. That heap of buried garbage is exposed to the sun all day. Solar panels seem like a no-brainer, no?


Proposed Barnum Bridge work

Newsday: Island Park’s Barnum Bridge to have limited closures in fall

Nyscr.ny: Construction Mgmt Svces-Bridge Imp-Barnum Isl-PIN 0760.42

Hey NY State, please don’t make the same mistakes the Town of Hempstead and Nassau County keep doing. Do this right. Make sure there’ a save passage for cyclists and pedestrians. What about a little platform for those guys who love to fish by the dump?

This construction sounds like it’s going to be terrible for commuting, but if the money is there, we need to take it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 3.10.44 PM

Search for the future (with Waldbaum’s in Oceanside)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.01.48 AM
Newsday Walbuam’s Map

We all know what happened to Waldbaum’s in Long Beach (it’s now Stop & Shop), but what about Oceanside?  Newsday has a nifty status map for all the Waldbuam’s/A&P stores which gives  up-to -date info on the status of Consumer Reports least favorite supermarket.

NEWSDAY: Waldbaum’s, Pathmark closing, selling LI stores 

We all heard the rumor about Uncle Giuseppe’s taking over the Oceanside location. There is no COMING SOON on their website, so as of now that’s just a rumor. According to the Newsday map, nothing seems to be happening anyway, so consider this post to be a giant waste of space.


The Oceanside Rotary Club is hosting its 11th Annual Art Heyman Memorial Tip-Off Classic on December 4. [Long Beach Vs. Oceanside!]

The Oceanside Rotary Club is hosting its 11th Annual Art Heyman Memorial Tip-Off Classic on December 4. For the first time, the Long Beach High School Girls and Boys varsity basketball teams are participating. The proceeds from the event go to college-bound seniors from Long Beach and Oceanside High schools. We hope you can join us for this fun and worthwhile event.12226519_10208254475986169_1640839998_n

Nathan’s in Oceanside is now open in new location [Roadside Rest photos!]



Nathan’s Famous opened its second restaurant on Long Beach Road in Oceanside in 1959, proudly serving Nathan’s fans for generations. Today, Nathan’s in Oceanside has moved a short distance away to 2807 Long Beach Road. The newly opened Nathan’s features a state-of-the-art interior complete with comfortable seating areas, TVs and of course a full menu of their world famous beef hot dogs, crinkle cut French fries and other famous favorites such as burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken and even Arthur Treacher’s fish and chips. Stop by today! [LINK]

My childhood memories belong to Nunley’s which was in Baldwin, but does anybody remember when the Oceanside Nathan’s looked like this? 11053328_10153181594414561_6609892391459081801_n

Below are more images from a reader named Doug, who adds: Before it was Nathan’s of Oceanside it was the Roadside Rest.  The Roadside Rest was opened in 1921 by Leon Shor and Murray Hadfield, It became Nathan’s in 1959.  Here are a couple of photos from the Roadside Rest days. 


Roadside Rest

Preserve the Town of Hempstead’s Marine Nature Study Area [SIGN THE PETITION!]


Hey folks, please sign this petition to Preserve the Town of Hempstead’s Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside, which was damaged initially during Hurricane Irene and later from Superstorm Sandy. The facilities of this Town of Hempstead Preserve are in dire need of repair and reconstruction to return this Long Island environmental gem to its pre-storm condition. Continue reading “Preserve the Town of Hempstead’s Marine Nature Study Area [SIGN THE PETITION!]”