Rickashoretours Inc. – Take a Pedicab around town!

rickashoreJason Cruz owns and operates Rickashoretours, Inc., a local business that provides an awesome, environmentally friendly and alternative way for you to get around town. Take a pedicab to the train, a romantic ride, a tour of our beautiful area or a safe way to and from the bars. Jason explains it best:

rickashore2“The Island Park/ Long Beach portion of Long Island has some of the most breathtaking views and activities in the state. There is no better way than to experience these moments in a better fashion. Kids love the rides just as much as the adults.

For more info, contact Jason @
Rickashoretours, Inc.

‘Self-Service Bicycle Rent/Sharing Program’ (by the sea)

At the June 21st council meeting, there was talk on bringing ‘Bicycle Rental & Sharing’ to Long Beach. From the proceedings:

A “Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Contract for a Self-Service Bicycle Rent/Sharing Program for the City of Long Beach” was tabled

With the Quiksilver Pro this September, bicycle rentals could be a cash cow for the city. But what about the long run? I guess if the rental kiosks are strategically placed in the right locations, it could work.  In other words, don’t put one in the Waldbaums shopping center.

So what do you guys think? Do you think something like this might work in Long Beach, or will it suffer the same fate as the pedi-cab experiment of 2009?



*photo is unrelated to Long Beach, NY.

Catching up

I’ve bee out of town for a bit so here are a few things that happened while I was away.

  • The City of Long Beach approved the purchase of a GILLIG TROLLEY BUS. That’ll be a fun thing to see around town- plus it looks a lot safer than a Pedi-cab.
  • Speaking of Pedi-cabs – they’re in business. last night while coming home from the airport, my Beech Street Taxi cabbie complained about the “dangerous Pedi-cabs” hogging the streets over in the west end. I personally have no opinion of them yet and I wasn’t sure if his opinion was just a cab driver complaining about competition. The city is testing them out and can cancel the service whenever they want. Like everything else – time will tell. I am obviously not going to have a pedi-cab take me to JFK so don’t worry about competition Mr. Cabbie.
  • Speaking of my cabbie – he also told me that a giant brawl happened on the beach Friday between a few local high schools. He said it wasn’t enough to make the news. The only bit of info I was able to find online was from this topix forum. Local cab drivers are great for information. I should just hail a cab whenever I need a news story.
  • Speaking of news stories, I am sure most of you read this Newsday piece on the couple that ran a nightclub in their basement. Yeah, I am sure it’s not quite zoned for that.

Bits & Pieces

  • That new healthy California-style restaurant Monterey opened last Friday. I went there last night. Look for my review later in the day at LBfoodie.com
  • Parking Study Public meeting this June. This meeting will focus on the commercial district. See the full public notice below if you don’t feel like downloading the PDF off the official Long Beach site which can be found here.
  • The Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market kicks off its second week today between 11am to 7pm. Stop by for some cheese, bread, fruit & veggies.
  • The bayside development is being held up by the economy. I’m guessing you can say the same about the Superblock.
  • This summer we will see two new things on or near the beach: Pedi-Cabs & Umbrella/Chair Rentals (cha-ching $$$$$). Oh wait, I mean three new things; more tourists.

PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE – Taken from the City of Long Beach site

The City of Long Beach will be holding two public meetings to discuss:

Long Beach Parking Solutions

Over the past several months, the City has been working with Level G Associates, a nationally recognized parking consulting firm, to explore solutions for Long Beach’s chronic parking problems, including parking meters. Level G’s most recent studies have focused on the central business district along Park Avenue — between Long Beach Road and Magnolia Boulevard. As part of the study process, we are inviting local citizens and business owners to share their concerns about parking in this area of Long Beach.

The meetings are open to the public and will be held in City Hall, 6th Floor on:

Tuesday, June 16th from 10AM to 12 noon
Tuesday, June 23rd from 7 PM to 9 PM

The two meetings will be identical in format but are being held at separate times of the day as a convenience to our residents and business owners. Meetings will commence with a brief presentation outlining the study results and will be followed by questions, answers, and public comment.

Pedi-Cab info

The City Council Agenda for May 5th, 2009 contains the wording for pedi-cabs. You can download the full agenda here. All of this is public info. I’m still not sure if pedi-cabs will work in Long Beach, but if it takes more cars off the road then how can I be against it? The one year trial was a good idea. Now we have to just wait and see…

Also for all you pedi-cab fans, Rickshawforum.com has lots and lots of info on pedi-cabs. You gotta love the internet….

City of Long Beach, NY – City Council Agenda
May 5, 2009 Item No. 7
Resolution No.

The following Resolution was moved by
and seconded by :

Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a
Trial Contract for Pedi-Cab Taxi Services.

WHEREAS, the City of Long Beach is interested in providing pedi-cab taxi
services within the City of Long Beach as an environmentally friendly, inexpensive and
convenient alternative for the residents and patrons of our City to get to their destinations safely;

WHEREAS, Beachside Pedicabs, Inc., Long Beach, New York has proposed this
service for one year on a trial basis limited to six pedi-cabs; and

WHEREAS, each pedi-cab will be issued a permit to operate within the City
subject to a licensing fee as set forth in the contract;


RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Long Beach, New York that the
City Manager be and he hereby is authorized to enter into a one year trial contract with
Beachside Pedicabs, Long Beach, New York for pedi-cab taxi services within the City of Long
Beach; and

RESOLVED, that said agreement shall contain such other terms and conditions as
the City Manager and the Corporation Counsel shall deem necessary and proper.