Restaurant Week: April 19th to May 5th [Support the Locals!]

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.07.08 AMCome support local businesses and eat prix fix menus from great local places such as:

Cha-Ba ThaiDuke Falcon’s Global GrillLola’s Kitchen and Wine BarVillaggio Ristorante Sugo, Atlantica (Allegria), La Rioja, Meson Iberia, Serata, Nagahama, Himawari, Geri’s, The Beach House, Lambrous, etc.

I refuse to mention one of the participating restaurants on this site anymore, so if you want the full list, visit the Chamber’s website: Press release is below.



Friday, April 19, to Sunday, May 5, 2013
Prix Fixe Menus from $19.99*
The Beach Communities of Long Beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout, Island Park and Atlantic Beach

Participating Restaurants Participating Sponsors
Long Beach, New York – the best place to live in America!

Located in Nassau County, Long Beach boasts a wonderful lifestyle complemented by exceptional community spirit, year round recreational activities, some of the finest quality restaurants in the New York Metro area and a wonderful blend of Boutique Stores and shopping. The Barrier Island consists of the City of Long Beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout and Atlantic Beach. The City of Long Beach is the county’s largest city, featuring two distinct areas; the East End and the West End, both functioning as separate downtown enclaves.

The city boasts over 60 fine eating establishments featuring an eclectic array of restaurants form American to Asian, Latin to Italian, European to Mediterranean and Sea Food to Indian: Fine Dining Restaurants and Bars and Grills featuring night life and entertainment. Whether it is an elegant night dining, a relaxing night in a casual atmosphere or entertainment, the establishments of Long Beach, Lido Beach, Island Park, Point Lookout and Atlantic Beach offer all of these pleasures. No matter what time of the year these restaurants bring a touch of summer into your life all year with their décor, cuisine and the friendly hospitality of the establishment owners and staff.

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to sponsor the Semi Annual RESTAURANT WEEK CELEBRATION from April 19, to May 5, 2013 and get a taste of the wonderful restaurants, the shopping, the beach and atmosphere of the famous Barrier Island. During RESTAURANT WEEK take advantage of the unique tastings the restaurants will be offering with their Prix Fixe menus of $19.99 and under. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a frequent guest we’re sure you will enjoy our restaurant celebration.

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Committee would like to welcome you to the City By The Sea and vicinity for our RESTAURANT WEEK CELEBRATION of April/May 2013.

For complete information contact the Long Beach Chamber at 516 432-6000.

Restaurant Week Continues… (and ends Sunday, April 29th)

I just wanted to remind everybody that the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce sponsored Restaurant Week is still going on. Head over to their website where you will find the complete list of participating restaurants, including: All Good Electric, All Star Real Estate Brokers, Broward Limousine, E. H. Haines Electric, Fire Command Co. Inc., KoKo Fit Club, MacDonald Plumbing & Heating, Mark Tannenbaum,, Prudential Douglas Elliman RE/Lorraine Egloff, Raymond Givargis, Servpro of Long Beach/Oceanside, The CYBERNET Place & Z-Best Maintenance Company.


Oh wait.. what? Is that the right list? Anyway, The last day is next Sunday, April 29th.

I went to Duke Falcon’s (36 West Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561) this past weekend and had a wonderful prix fixe meal: BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, fried onions, beans, salad and key lime pie. DE LI CIOUS! I definitely recommend!



Restaurant Week Starts this Friday, April 13 through April 29th.

From the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Website:

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to sponsor the Semi Annual RESTAURANT WEEK CELEBRATION from April 13th to April 29th, 2012. Came and get a taste of the wonderful restaurants, the shopping and the boardwalk and atmosphere of the famous Barrier Island. During RESTAURANT WEEK take advantage of the unique tastings the restaurants will be offering with their Prix Fixe menus. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a frequent guest we’re sure you will enjoy our restaurant celebration.

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Committee would like to welcome you to the City By The Sea for our RESTAURANT WEEK CELEBRATION of April 2012.

Rating the Prix Fixe – Sugo, Duke, Lola, Sutton

It’s Restaurant week over here in Long Beach and I was able to check out four different places and their twenty dollar meals. Please note: I am not a food reviewer; these are more opinions than reviews.

Sugo @ 62 West Park Avenue / website

I originally went to this place about a year ago and thought it was ok, but with great potential. I liked the different, not-so-typical Italian menu as well as the atmosphere, but I wanted the food to be better.  This week it’s restaurant week, so I figured why not try them again.  Well, I loved it. Everything from the bean dip appetizer to the fancy dessert to the nice and excellent waitress who memorized and recited an extremely long list of complicated specials. My wife and I actually clapped when she was over.  I can’t even recall what I ate – I think it was ravioli, but Sugo is now in my top rotation of  “hey, lets’ go out to eat.”  The food was that good.  My only complaint: too many gimmicks. Sure, I’m a big fan of gimmicks, but when I’m enjoying a quiet dinner with my wife and a magician comes over to show us his tricks, it can get pretty annoying. Anyways, I loved everything else about this place. If you tried it a year ago and thought it was ok, give them another try. It’s worth it.

Duke Falcon’s Global Grill @ 36 West Park Avenue

I never ate at this place before, mainly because it’s expensive, plus thought the name was weird. A $20 meal at a place with a really expensive menu? Sure, why not.  The Verdict: I was so-so impressed. I am not sure if it’s worth paying the full price once the prix fixe is over.  I ordered the Penne Rustica which was pretty good. I’ve had better. Salad was good. All of that was washed out the window once the desserts came out – they were amazing and huge! Their prix fixe menu on the Chamber of Commerce site doesn’t show you all the desserts offered.  I got some crazy coconut ice cream thing and my wife also got ice cream with apple pie and it was freakin’ amazing.  If you want a so-so meal with an excellent dessert, give this place a try.  I’ll probably try them again one of these days. Maybe the next restaurant week.

Lola’s Kitchen and Wine Bar @ 180 West Park Avenue

I read plenty of reviews where people said, “oh, I wish I could like this place.” Well, I felt the same way. I really really wanted to like it. The waitress was very nice, the decor is excellent, the menu selection great, but it stops right there.  My wife ordered a meal with shrimp, only it didn’t come with any shrimp. They had to bring the shrimp out on a separate plate. Ok, kitchen mistake – no big deal. I can handle that sort of thing.  Only, my wife didn’t think the shrimp was any good. Meaning, she thought it was bad.  My meal was ok.  Note: I don’t eat seafood – so I am stuck with either meats or Italian food. I ordered some pasta dish. Italian food has a lot of competition around here, so it could of been better. For dessert we ordered these fruit tarts which weren’t really fruit tarts  – they were more like these tiny pies with a fruit gelatin. The coffee was very good. Maybe the best coffee out of the bunch.  Again, I really want to like this place. It has a wonderful, fun atmosphere and I felt happy being there. Definitely one of the better restaurant environments in town. For that, I will give it a try again. Maybe not the prix fixe, but from the regular menu so I can pick something more to my liking.

Sutton Place – Great American Bar & Grille124 West Park Avenue / website

Sutton. Oh, how I want to like you, but you lost me. I love the decor- the fact that it’s built within the old Long Beach library is pretty neat.  The problem is that they sit you in the back room – when the main room with the atmosphere is empty. Bad idea from the start.  I can never understand why some restaurants have no idea where to sit their customers when atmosphere plays a big part for most people.

So this place calls itself the ‘Great American Bar & Grille’ which basically means they are primarily a hamburger joint. Ok, fine.  I ate a hamburger there about a year ago and i liked it. I noticed other patrons eating hamburgers. Why not tailor your prix fixe menu to something that is Sutton’s strong point? Hamburgers. The prix fixe menu at Sutton Place is a mess. They apparently have more than one prix fixe menu which made the whole ordering experience confusing. We were handed two menus by mistake – one looked like the good menu, the other seemed like stuff they are just trying to get rid of from their ice box – nothing on that menu complimented each other.

The waiter didn’t know what soup they had – the menu said one thing, but then we were served the leftover chicken noodle soup from the day before.  The Waldorf salad was nothing to write home about. For the main course I ordered some linguine with pesto and a bunch of vegetables. It was really a mess. Extremely greasy, too many sun dried tomatoes and it just didn’t seem fresh. Sorry Sutton, but you have to do better if you want to serve more than grill food. Or maybe you shouldn’t even bother.   You are the Great American Bar & Grille.  I really think you should just stick with burgers, fries and beer.

So there is my prix fixe meal review/opinion. I really want to thank the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce for putting restaurant week all together. These past two weeks I went to four restaurants that probably would of taken me months to go to. Restaurant week continues until this Sunday, October 25th.  If anybody has a review that they would like to submit, please contact me.

Restaurant Week in Long Beach

Restaurant week is upon us from now until Sunday, October 25th.  That means you can get a prix fixe meal from any participating restaurant for only $19.99 perperson.  Visit the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Week website for a list participating restaurants. has menus and most of them have descriptions of what type of food these places serve.

My Nick Diangelos Prix Fixe meal

After filling up on the free bread with delicious hummus, I started off with the chopped salad. It had some tasty sweet peppers, cheese and a vinaigrette “house” dressing. I loved the dressing because you can tell they don’t load it with a lot of sugar or salt. It had a very natural taste. The salad was small, but enough for one person.

After that I had a few raviolis which were very tasty. They had a few onions and melted mozzarella on top. There were only a few raviolis, but that’s fine because I didn’t overeat and feel sick afterwards. Plus I had more room left for dessert!

Fudge brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream. Enough said. The brownie was especially good with their coffee. Everything was very tasty and worth the 20 bucks.

It was my second time at Nick Diangelos and like all George Martin restaurants you get nothing, but quality. My only complaint is that it’s too dark in there!

-Anthony, Admin of

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Restaurant Week

It’s restaurant week in Long Beach which means from April 17th to May 3rd you can get a three-course meal for $19.99. Visit the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce for a full list of participating restaurants.

Full Article @ Newsday

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