Filming Brings Revenue to The City of Long Beach

Guest author, Liz Treston,  spoke with Gordon Tepper about filming in Long Beach:

When Anthony posed the question: “Creative Ways the City Could Make some Cash”,  I could not think of anything inventive or out of the box. I did happen to see Royal Pains filming this past Monday and figured the City should be getting some revenue in filming permits like NYC does.

We do! I spoke with Mr. Tepper, Director of Communications at City Hall and Long Beach is becoming a more popular place to film. MTV was here a couple of months ago and there are tentative plans for a commercial shoot during the summer.

Here is a basic breakdown of fees.

  • There’s a non-refundable 75.00 application fee.
  • Still Shoot: $400 less than 4 hours/ $125 each additional hour (per location per day)
  • Movie/TV/Commercial Video or Motion Picture: $600 – 1⁄2 day and $1,500 full day (per location per day)
  • Prep and Strike Fees: ($100-$1000) to be determined based on shoot
  • PARKING: $25 ea. car/van, $75 ea. standard truck/motor home Trailers – to be determined.

Additional requirements including use of City facilities, i.e., fishing pier, ice rink, skate board park, etc. or use of police or other personnel to be determined during application review (Application Link).

In comparison to NYC, we don’t have crews filming everyday, so I don’t think this will solve our fiscal crisis, but it is exciting to see cameras and lights on our beaches. If you watch Royal Pains, it is a cable show on USA about a concierge doctor to the mega wealthy in the Hamptons. Long Beach makes an excellent backdrop for the production company.  The New season of Royal Pains begins in June. Maybe your house or neighbor is in the background!

This is an additional source of revenue for the City. Perhaps one day we will have our own office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting or you may get called to do a walk on role!


For those wondering what is being filmed around town… [Television]

(Photo credit:, summer 2011)

A few of you have been asking what’s being filmed around town. Taken from a filming locations website is the following:

Royal Pains is filming around Park Ave and Grand Blvd Long Beach.

Royal Pains: RT @Kamari102 @olv Any idea what is filming on the corner of Broadway & Magnolia in Long Beach NY today?  (Source – Monday, May 14: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A., New Orleans & more including Admission, Blood Ties, & Suits)

So what is it? Grand Blvd or Magnolia? I also heard Lola’s (180 W Park Ave) was in the mix… Either case, this isn’t the first time Royal Pains has been shot in Long Beach. Various other locations include the boardwalk, beach and Dairy Barn. Is this show even any good? And does Long Beach profit from shows/movies being filmed here or does Nassau County hold that grip? Our seabythecity staff is looking into it…


A Royal Pain for one Reader (Resident Gripes)

A just received a text from friend of the blog, Adam.

He’s got a bone to pick with Royal Pains.  His message?  Stop screwing up my runs!

What the hell is he talking about?  Well basically, Royal Pains has been filming all over town.  Today, they were spotted filming at both the West End of the boardwalk (around New York Ave) and at the new modern-looking house, ocean front on Indiana Ave (the one with all the glass and the slopped roof).  In the process of filming, they seem to have no interest in the ambient life of Long Beach and instead want to have a closed set.  That’s hard when your set is Long Beach’s “jewel.”

So, long story short, while out on a run today, he was forced to detour off the boardwalk, a tragedy… I know…

Full disclosure, I’ve never heard of the show and know nothing at all about it.  A quick search said its on USA – I actually didn’t know that channel still existed, I thought it transitioned over to a fully Law & Order based network.

The bigger story here is the continued interest that filmmakers have in filming in Long Beach.  Especially after the success of the Quiksiver Pro, it will be interesting to see if there are even more filmers coming down to shoot TV and movie spots.  Again, this is balancing act.  The pros: positive exposure for Long Beach, money for the City (through permits), getting to see a bit of Hollywood come to our City.  Cons: exposure for Long Beach (some don’t want the secret to get out, though I think that ship has sailed), some inconveniences.  My take?  As long as they portray Long Beach honestly – as opposed to this farce of a film, I’m all for it.

Note: Do you have a resident gripe?  If I think its quirky enough and not just “get off my lawn,” maybe I’ll post it, so feel free to email

Run, Hank, Run!! Royal Pains episode will air this August

 “Run, Hank, Run” is the name of the Royal Pains episode that was recently filmed in Long Beach. Airdate is Wednesday August 17th, 2011, so set your VCRs, DVRs, bit torrents, or whatever else you use to watch TV these days.    Source: – Royal Pains Episode on Long Beach, NY has video:



Source: – Royal Pain Pictures

Does anybody know what’s being filmed at the Long Beach Catholic School?

A reader named Allan writes:

I saw trucks and movie trailers in the parking lot of the catholic school today… I was wondering if you knew what they were filming… A commercial? Or maybe a big name movie? Thanks


Well, I can’t answer that question, but I was hoping one of you could. This was at the Catholic school on New York Avenue and W. Broadway. I did a quick google search and the only thing I found was Royal Pains being filmed in Island Park @ Waterfront Blvd & @ The Long Island Exchange (antique store). Source: On Location Vacations.

Movies & TV Shows that were filmed in Long Beach

This is according to the Internet Movie database (

Titles with locations including
Long Beach, Long Island, New York, USA Here are the 10 matching titles:

  • Royal Pains” (2009) TV Series 8.1/10 (833 votes)
  • The Godfather (1972) 9.1/10 (356524 votes)…aka Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (1972) (USA: complete title)

City By The Sea (2002) , which takes place in Long Beach, wasn’t even filmed here. Good, because that movie stunk and it portrayed Long Beach as a crime-ridden disaster area.

So that’s it: ten movies that were filmed in Long Beach, but most likely not a complete list. The Godfather, which is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, definitely tilts the scale of quality up compared to the other films which range from mediocre to crap.

When people talk about The Godfather being filmed in Long Beach, it’s usually just about the wedding & the tollbooth scenes. Well, I recently watched the first two Godfather movies recently and it appears to me that more scenes were filmed here than what is documented.

There is a scene that was shot in front of a typical Long Beach house with street lined sycamore tress out front. Plus, there is a scene that was shot from an apartment where you can see the boardwalk and beach outside the window. I plan on doing some research to find out exactly where these scenes were shot. Not to mention, The Corleone family phone number was Longbeach-4-5620. So look for my complete Godfather / Long Beach guide in a later post. It might take me a while, so don’t hold your breath.

Royal Pains

As noticed by fellow Long Beacher Eric Hutcheson, the USA Network TV show Royal Pains wrapped up a scene by the Dairy Barn @ 375 W Park Ave. According to, the show is about A down and out surgeon has a chance to redeem himself as a small town physician in the wealthy beach community of East Hampton, NY.

So the show takes place in East Hampton, but filmed in Long Beach? ahh miles apart in so many ways…. I have no idea when the episode will air, so if you want to see our local celebrity “Dairy Barn” on TV you’re on your own. Finding info on this show appears to be a royal pain in the neck, no pun intended. Of course I will post more info if I get any.

Royal Pains on IMDB
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