PSA: Stay off the new Skatepark until it’s officially open

Concert needs to dry and work is still being done. Stay off the skatepark or you will ruin it.

From: The New Long Beach Skatepark

“ATTENTION: The concrete should be kept damp and free of traffic for at least 28 days. With the anticipation that surrounds the construction of a skatepark this may be difficult, but the slow undisturbed cure process is critical to keep cracking to a minimum. Although hardened concrete appears to be cured within a few days the appearance is deceptive as the concrete is still quite fragile. At a minimum the concrete should be allowed to cure for 7 days before being used, but we strongly recommend a full 28 day cure daily saturating the area with water in order to keep random cracking to a minimum. We also find that having lawn sprinklers saturating the park during daylight hours actively discourages unauthorized use. Your patience will pay off in the long run. [LINK]11141251_820212248075500_5323644062820855426_n

Second Skate Park Engagement Session is March 5th [Please keep the politics away from all the skatepark talk]

415515_363882036984522_585145579_o(image of skatepark in Far Rockaway

From Long Beach:

“The City will be hosting a public engagement session regarding development of our new Skate Park on Thursday, March 5 at 7PM on the 2nd floor of the Long Beach Public Library. All residents are welcome to attend and participate. [LINK]

I, for one, am excited about this skatepark and I don’t care how unpopular that opinion is. I’m tired when people complain about one topic by dragging in something that’s completely unrelated: e.g., Why do we have a new boardwalk when our hospital is still closed. UGHHHHH

I don’t want to turn this into a hospital vs. Skatepark issue and it might come across that it is, but my point is this: don’t politicize the skatepark. It has nothing to do with other issues, such as the privately owned Long Beach Medical Center. Continue reading “Second Skate Park Engagement Session is March 5th [Please keep the politics away from all the skatepark talk]”

Skate Park Public Engagement Sessions: February 11th & March 5th

“The City will be hosting the first of two public engagement sessions regarding development of our new Skate Park on February 11th at 7PM on the 2nd floor of the Long Beach Public Library. The second meeting will be held on March 5th at 7PM. All residents are welcome to attend and participate. [LINK]

It’s skate or die, folks. For those who want to be involved with the development of the new skate park near the Recreation Center, here is your chance.

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Skate or Die! [Skate Park UPDATE]

I just wanted to make it clear that I’m extremely excited about a new skate park. My rant in the last post on this topic was more on location; off the boardwalk could have turned skating into a local industry almost as big as surfing, as well as being good for the community via entertainment. But if done right near the recreation center, this skate park will still make an impact to our local economy (Yes, I believe this).

Skatepark supporters are not just kids looking for a place to hang out, but also business owners and community leaders who see the economic and cultural benefits a good skatepark could give us. One person with lots of knowledge on this subject, wished to remain anonymous, had this to say:

“Having an accredited skate park can do a lot of good for the city, if you visit any skate park in California they are major tourist attractions and help bring revenue to the surrounding area. You don’t even have to look that far, skaters on long island travel to the city, to other places on the island to explore new skate parks that are challenging and fun to skate. There are plenty of good parks on long island. Also the city has a lot of talent and some really good skaters that really have a shot at doing big things, skating is no different than any other “extreme sport” such as surfing and snowboarding. There is just an old stigma that skaters or uneducated, drug using trouble makers… not the case and frankly insulting. We are prepared to put the work in and do what we have to do to make good things happen, that’s all we are trying to do.

Skate Park supporters wanted CA Skateparks for design and construction:

“[CA Skateparks] have experience in building near the water and built parks in places such as Rockaway and Chelsea Piers that were literally under water from Sandy and there was 0% damage to them…

Our city ended up picking Spohn Ranch to construct and design with the help of the community. Spohn won the bid, but it’s strange since there is apparently no design. What did they bid on? The overall budget? There is some concern with Spohn as the choice, but the supports are willing to make it work:

“I have done some research on the Spohn, they build parks in the mid west, but they seem to bring in materials that are made in other places, Pre- fab materials. We need concrete and we need it done right! The city says we will be able to have 100% say as far as the design goes… we have all members on board doing all of our research and reaching out to possible funders/ investers/ building/ volunteers to make sure we continue to take steps towards the right direction.

On the official city announcement, they did outline how the community will be involved with the design:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.16.13 AMI am curious if the process will be similar to the Phase II Boardwalk meetings from last summer, or the community-driven Magnolia Park Rebuild that I was involved in with Kaboom. I will post the skate park public meeting dates as soon as I find out.



Brand New Skate Park: Confusion & Concerns (Opinions)

The city just posted an update on the new skate park that will be built near our Recreation center [LINK]. What, now it’s near the rec center? Whatever happened to near the boardwalk??

Back in August of this year I posted two articles regarding this skate park.

  1. The first one was the rumor: RUMOR ALERT: Is a new Skatepark coming to the boardwalk area?
  2. The second was a confirmation, based on the Capital Improvement Plan 2014/15 Capital Budget:  A Skate Park is coming in 2015: RUN FOR THE HILLS, THE END IS NEAR! (opinion)

So at last night’s city council meeting, a bunch of local skaters raised their concern over the type of park the city plans on building, as well as who was going to build it. I know nothing about skate park developers, so I am waiting to hear back from local skater group: Help Long Beach get a new skatepark for more info on that. But the type of park and location are the topics I’m interested in. Here is my take:

LOCATION CONFUSION: I first heard this skate park would be near the boardwalk. Now it seems like this park is actually going near the Recreation center; not in the current skate park location, but a new location. I don’t know….. seems like a bit of a disappointment, but I guess the city wants to better utilize the recreation center area more, so I guess this makes sense… but oh the missed opportunity here. I already did an entire post on the endless possibles regarding events, the attraction, the entertainment a skatepark near the boardwalk could bring. Read about all that here: 2014/15 Capital Budget:  A Skate Park is coming in 2015: RUN FOR THE HILLS, THE END IS NEAR! (opinion).

Missed opportunity also with the iStar-factor:  How no public concessions on the superblock were in place for development. Municipalities do this all the time: You want to build some major development? ok, but do this for the public on this little piece of land. I know this happens. (Meet me in person and I will tell you how I know.) The superblock would have been a PERFECT area for a skatepark, but instead we are going to get humungous open air parking lots and it will all look so typical and generic. Yeah, I wrote about all this already (

The attraction and presentation of our city is very important. Not just for potential residents, but for us living here right now! People off the LIRR are walking past Urine, Drugs, Vomit, Graffiti, Garbage only to walk to our beach and be greeted with a giant parking lot. They won’t get a chance to see the skate park because they are not going to the Recreation center at all.  I know if I came off that train, walked to the beach and saw a skate park, I would  think of Long Beach as a pretty damn cool town with lots of things going on here that you don’t see elsewhere in NY. This is the kinda stuff that actually attracts those young adults who are moving off Long Island.

I realize this skatepark isn’t being made solely to attract tourists to live here, but I just wish we had better planners, developers, thinkers and architects out there thinking out side of the box. To try to come up with a way to make things work in the right locations, not these second rate (rec center) areas where it will be lost. Skate parks aren’t for everybody, but while us older folks had Nunley’s, movie theaters and soda shops to hang out at, the kids of today need a place too. Besides, it’s highly entertaining to watch a good skater in a bowl.

MATERIAL CONFUSION: If you look at Facebook group Help Long Beach get a new skatepark, you can see what the local skaters want: cement. There seems to be concern that pre-fab material will be used, although the city did say they are holding public meetings regarding the design. Nothing seems to be concrete (pun intended) yet. My understanding is this: If the skatepark is not cement, the city shouldn’t even bother building it. That is the opinion I have, not as a skater, but as a one-time BMXer who used to hang out with skaters when I was younger. Cement is the way to go. I can’t wait to here more on this topic as we move forward.

Well, here is the flyer that the city just posted today:


Long Beach Professional Fire Fighters and local skaters are both looking for support at the City Council Meeting tonight

Long Beach Professional Fire Fighters are looking for support tonight at the City Council Meeting.  Please show up if you don’t want to see any layoffs in that department:



WHAT: City Council Meeting
WHERE: City Hall, 6th floor at 7pm tonight
AGENDA:  December 2nd, 2014


RUMOR ALERT: Is a new Skatepark coming to the boardwalk area?

My sources are telling me that a new skatepark could possibly happen. It won’t be boardwalk level, but on the street- similar to how Magnolia Park is situated. The exact street location of this skatepark is still unclear.

As a resident, I would absolutely love this. A skatepark would be  another form of entertainment, plus a place for us residents, especially those who are younger, to hang out and have some fun (Long Beach is recreation, after all).

As a Taxpayer, I would absolutely love this. A skatepark off the boardwalk could open up so many new opportunities for the city to raise money; whether through events or clinics. We are already a surf destination; Long Beach as a skate destination is completely possible and a skatepark off the boardwalk would almost guarantee it (who wants to open a skateboard shop with me?).

Let’s face it, a skatepark and a boardwalk go hand-in -hand. I’ll post more info as soon as I get it.