Here is the temporary SNCH Urgent Care Trailer

unnamedA reader sent in the above image with the following caption:

“That mobile trailer is over there now.  That is the Hackensack Medical Center mobile trailer that SNCH rented for use while they build out for the July 1 emergency room.  The urgent care trailers are closed for renovations and if you come you go into this new mobile trailer, they are basically 18 wheelers with a hospital inside.   They had this one set up at the super bowl as the hospital at giants stadium (there ar even logos on the trailer)

‘Hackensack’ is hidden under the tarps:mobile-er

A reader questioning the hours of the South Nassau Urgent Care Center

A reader named Michael sent in the following photo, along with this caption:

During a bicycle ride this weekend I passed by our new “emergency medical facility'”. According to the sign, Monarch Beverage, the beer wholesaler about a quarter mile away on Long Beach Rd, has longer hours than our new emergency medical center!

Michael has a point about no 24-hour ‘care’ in Long Beach yet, but his question also adds to all the confusion regarding the relationship between the actual hospital and South Nassau Urgent Care Center.

This is something that I still don’t understand: Why does this urgent care center exists and how is it separate from the hospital? Can somebody care to explain?  I think it’s been explained to me before, but it goes in through one ear and out the through other.

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