Beauty and the Beach – Skin Care Tips

Spending time on Long Beach, whether strolling the boardwalk or walking the shoreline is great for the soul. Vitamin D and a bit of color enhancement for our skin adds to our sense of relaxation & renewal.

So, if you are a local Long Beacher, or out for the day, here are a couple of helpful skin care tips. After a day of fun in the ocean’s salt water and hot sun, be sure to replenish natural oils depleted from your skin. Use hydrating soap when showering after a day at the beach. Soaps containing emollients like olive oil, hemp oil and organics will replenish your protective layers. If you forgot your SPF and fried a bit, try an aloe soother after your shower. Keep frozen cubes of pure aloe vera for instant sunburn relief. Pure aloe gel is available at Bob’s Natural Foods on Park Avenue.

Personally, as much as I love the look of a great tan, I don’t touch the sand without a beach umbrella in hand. We now have boardwalk vendors renting umbrellas ($13) and lounge chairs ($8 each) so visitors don’t have to lug them from home. I can see by all the royal blue dots on the sand from a distance how many daily visitors appreciate the convenience!

For complimentary skin care analysis, or to see an Eyelash Extension application demo, please visit Get Beautified Eyelash Extension & Facial Spa at the Long Beach Arts & Craft Fair. The fair is on Saturday & Sunday, July 14th and 15th from 9am-6pm.

Have a great summer.
Susan Patashny, Lash Extension Artist, N.Y.S. Licensed Esthetician, R.N.

Over-saturated with Allegria

I seem to post more articles about the Allegria than the official Allegria blog itself.

First of all, for those who like spas, has a small article on the Allegria’s spa. Read – Rooftop spa to open in Longbeach, NY winter 2009. Organic juices and smoothies sound great, but I still have no idea what a spa actually is… I’m picturing a bunch of Turkish guys sitting around in hot and steamy poses.

Change of topic: Retail!

What’s going on with that ‘now’ vacant space next door? What was once rare ‘boardwalk’ retail is now an empty lot. The hotel itself will have a restaurant and gift shop. Will the lot be more retail? Perhaps a much needed parking lot? I hope they go with the latter. Too much retail will start to make our boardwalk look like the Atlantic City boardwalk! Blah…